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Our clients benefit from the synergy between our combined practice of commercial/business litigation and commercial transactions.  Knowledge of deftly drafting commercial and business instruments means that our attorneys can properly evaluate strengths and weaknesses when handling litigation (or potential litigation) over the same or similar issues. Cost efficiency is also a critical consideration in our transactional and litigation practice, which sets us apart from many firms, and makes our business and commercial team the best choice for your legal work.


​Incidences of cyber intrusion are on the rise exponentially throughout the global internet domain, exposing confidential and sensitive information of both individuals and commercial ventures alike.  As a result of such nefarious activities, litigation over data breaches is similarly increasing.  Our firm not only focuses on representation of businesses and people negatively impacted by cybersecurity infringements once litigation begins, but can also assist in breach remediation and incident response via our in-house team and our network of outside cyber risk mitigation consultants.  We also lend our experience and team to assist clients in proper cyber hygiene to prevent future litigation on cybersecurity issues.


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