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Sioli Alexander Pino represents an array of clients from manufactures, suppliers, and distributors in products liability litigation, including but not limited to product claims involving consumer goods, industrial equipment, and construction materials, as well as medical and pharmaceutical devices. Our tools and experience go beyond the scope of legal expertise, incorporating technical knowledge to address complex issues, and identify the scientific and/or industrial expertise needed for the defense of product liability claims.

Cases involving products liability center around products which contained a defect when it left the hands of the manufacturer and that the defect caused the plaintiff to suffer a personal injury. “Defect” in the product liability context means that there was something in the manufacturing design or warning of the product which caused the product to be not reasonably fit, suitable, and safe for its intended purposes. Our attorneys focus on the representation of component manufacturers, subcontractors and material suppliers, with special emphasis on the defense of construction defect claims. — to be the subject of a product liability claim. The defendants in such a claim typically include the manufacturer and distributor of the item and may extend to rebuilders, reconditioners, sellers of component parts, and others. Product liability claims often raise complex issues and require the retention of scientific and technical experts to defend them.