Even with a history dating back centuries and a plethora of past interpretations to guide the insurance practitioner, insurance coverage issues and litigation often arise in policy interpretation.  As the oldest form of insurance, marine insurance policies can also be the most complex, which only heightens the need for an experienced attorney to provide assistance with coverage issues.  In addition to maritime law, the laws of various states and jurisdictions may impact your marine insurance coverage question.  Our attorneys not only have experience in dealing with coverage issues encompassing the broad spectrum of marine insurance policies, but have handled countless factual situations arising out of marine policies.  Thus, when a particular coverage issue or question is presented, we are able to draw on our diverse background to provide the best interpretation and solutions for coverage questions, and the best strategy for coverage litigation. 

From its origins dating back to providing indemnity for the Greek and Roman fleets circumventing the world, to the Lloyd’s Coffee House in the late seventeenth century, marine insurance serves as the foundation of the entire insurance system we see today.  As a result of this long history, marine insurance retains many original concepts that have been disregarded or modified in other types of insurance, which makes the need for an experienced practitioner in this field even more important.  This is true whether your issue involves a policy interpretation, coverage issue, bad faith, or even defense of an insured against a third party.  To provide the best representation, our attorneys not only keep abreast of the history and current trends in marine insurance, but also actively create innovative approaches to solve issues in this field.

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