The Defense Base Act provides compensation for employees of contractors in support of military operations overseas. While the benefits provided to injured employees are based on the Longshore Act, causation is more complex under the Defense Base Act.  Moreover, many of the incidents and injuries sustained by military contractors overseas are unheard of in domestic claims.  Thus, your Defense Base Act claim should only be entrusted to a defense firm intimately familiar with these unique issues. Our firm maintains a leadership position in the Defense Base Act practice area, and our attorneys are ready to provide cost-efficient, favorable resolution in defense of your Defense Base Act claims.

Defense of Foreign Voluntary claims is a sub-specialty of international workers’ compensation, and present challenging issues that should only be addressed by an attorney who has handled and defended a significant number of foreign voluntary claims in the past, as our lawyers have.  We also review Foreign Voluntary policy wording for underwriters and agents.  Please contact us immediately if you believe you may have an issue with a foreign voluntary policy, or a claim that is alleged to fall under a foreign voluntary policy, as delays in addressing such claims may lead to increased exposure for the employer and/or carrier.

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